October 12, 2009

Artificial Eden

Artificila Eden is an audiovisual spoken word project about consumer society. It is a journey through the dazling spectacles including Disney Land, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It attempts to seek the spirituality outside of superficial relationship.

Fallen Angels

Granite grey cities in the pale dawn light
Birds circle overhead in rose stained skies
Fallen Angels clutching their broken dreams
Die in cold subways scarred with graffiti
All alone: so far from the sun kissed heights
Of former golden glories-fading lights
Ragged refugees of the state machine
Spat out by a system of obscene greed

Oblivious of the commuters` ebb and flow
Needless in their arms where all the money goes

The hit`s worth it as every junkie knows
In the modern world the emptiness grows

By Dominic Windram; design by Petra Bartosova.